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Keeping Your Engine Free from Carbon

About Autocare Services

Autocare Services has been well established in the community since 1989. During that time, we have worked with a variety of customers, from general car owners to large car dealerships. Additionally, our team have offered our services to the aircraft industry, helping them improve the performance of their aircraft. Through working with many different vehicles and clients, we have developed extensive experience in the engine field.

Resolving Engine Issues

Thanks to our vast experience, we are able to tailor our service for almost any car, regardless of size. The engine carbon clean and detox will help your car run smoother and more fuel efficiently, saving you money on petrol and improving your driving experience. Alongside carrying out the cleaning, our mechanics are able to diagnose almost any engine light issues, most of which are caused by a build-up of carbon. By cleaning the engine, most warning lights will be distinguished. If your engine light is on, or you feel that your car is not performing to full potential, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Excellent Customer Service

At Autocare Services, we place a vast importance on the standard of our customer service. As such, we always take a professional and friendly approach to our work, ensuring that we are truly reliable and offer expert, accurate advice on what is best for your car. The standard of our customer service, alongside the quality of our work, has led to us receiving many fantastic reviews from our clients, which can be found on our testimonials page. Although we primarily work within a 40-mile radius of King’s Lynn, we will travel further for a negotiable fee. Please note that Autocare Services will not be responsible for any pre-existing conditions or problems suffered by your vehicle.

Contact us now, in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, to find out more about the benefits of our engine carbon cleaning.