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Keeping Your Engine Free from Carbon

Cleansing Engines of Carbon Build-ups in King’s Lynn, Norfolk

Although most parts of a vehicle are serviced and maintained regularly, the inside of the engine is often ignored. Over time, carbon collects in the engine and has a drastic impact on your car’s performance. At Autocare Services, in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, our expert team provide a comprehensive car engine cleaning service that cleanses engines of any lingering carbon.

Diagnosing and Resolving Carbon-Related Issues

Some of the common symptoms of a carbon build up include sluggish performance and slower responsiveness. If you are encountering these issues, then book an appointment with Autocare Services. As the build-up occurs over time, the symptoms tend to be gradual, making them difficult to diagnose. But make no mistake, the carbon is there, and if you want your car back, it needs to be eliminated. 

Our mechanics will complete a thorough engine carbon clean which eradicates the carbon, restoring that ‘new car feel’. The engine will be revitalised, and further issues down the line are prevented. As with any car issue, prevention is more affordable than a cure, which makes our engine cleaning a truly cost-effective service.

A Thorough and Powerful Clean

At Autocare Services, we complete the clean using the latest equipment with a gas output of 950l/h. It is important that vehicle owners are wary of other companies that use smaller machines with lower gas outputs, as they only do half the job. For a thorough clean that revitalises your engine, give us a call.

Contact us now, in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, for more information about our car engine cleaning service.